Dog Calm This Holiday Season

9 Fun And Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm This Holiday Season

You can help make your dog’s time this holiday season less stressful – whether it be with a daily walk, some extra playtime with toys, or a bit of training. This article will highlight 9 fun and easy ways to keep your dog calm this holiday season!

Why Is Your Dog Nervous?

Many people are anxious about the holidays, but their dogs are usually the opposite. Dogs are incredibly social creatures and love being around people and other animals. Watching your dog get nervous during this time can be very depressing.

The good news is that you can do a few easy things to help keep your dog calm this holiday season. First, it’s essential to understand why your dog is reacting the way it is. Some common reasons dogs are nervous include being separated from their owners, being in a new place, or seeing people they don’t know well.

If you can identify the reason behind your dog’s anxiety, you can start tackling the problem head-on. For example, if your dog is anxious because he’s been left alone, try taking him for a walk or playing with him in another room while you’re out of the house.

If your dog is scared of unfamiliar people, try taking him for walks around familiar neighbourhoods or attending a training class that introduces your dog to new people.

Above all else, remember that dogs love being loved and need to feel like they’re part of the family during these special times. By taking some simple steps and understanding your dog’s behaviour,

9 Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm: Coiling Leashes, Harnesses, Toys, and More!

Keep your dog calm and happy this holiday season by following these easy tips!

1. Coil leashes to make them easier to handle: A coiled leash makes it harder for your dog to get away, which will help keep them calm and under control.

2. Use harnesses and collars: A harness and collar can also help to keep your dog in check. They provide a snug fit restricting movement, which can help keep them calm.

3. Use dog toys: Toys can be a fun way to keep your dog amused and occupied while you’re busy shopping or hosting a party. Be sure to choose safe toys for dogs that will not cause harm or injury.

4. Feed them regular meals and snacks: When your dog is hungry or thirsty, it will become agitated. Make sure to feed them regularly throughout the day, so they don’t become restless or destructive.

5. Take breaks: Dogs also need time to relax – give them some space every once in a while to unwind and have fun on their terms!

Best Holidays for Dogs: Christmas and Thanksgiving

One of the best ways to keep your dog calm this holiday season is to ensure they are familiar with the holidays. Dogs may seem excited by all the lights and noise, but they can become stressed if they don’t know what’s happening. Here are some best holidays for dogs:

Christmas: One of the most important days of the year for dogs, Christmas is a great time to introduce them to the holiday season. This is an excellent time to get them acquainted with all the holiday decorations and get them used to be around people and other animals.

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving is another good time to introduce dogs to the holidays. This festive day celebrates Thanksgiving for what we have been given in life. It’s a good idea to get your dog used to being around people and other animals before Thanksgiving so they don’t feel overwhelmed or scared when the big day comes.

New Year’s Eve: New Year’s Eve is another excellent time to introduce dogs to the holidays. This is a festive day that celebrates new beginnings, which is perfect for dogs who are starting over after a long year. Getting them used to being around people and other animals on New Year’s Eve will help them transition into the


Thanksgiving is a time of grand celebration and family togetherness, but it can also be stressful for you and your pet. Whether your dog is reactive or simply anxious at holiday gatherings, there are several easy ways to keep them calm and happy this season. Try these tips and enjoy your holidays with your furry friend in tow!

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