Do Pitties Have a Favorite Person

Do Pitties Have a Favorite Person? 5 Tips for Every Pittie Owner

Does Pitties Have a Favorite Person? As any pet owner knows, each animal has its personality and preferences. While we can’t say for certain that every pit bull loves everyone the way they love their mom or dad, we can offer some tips on how to make your pup’s day just a little bit better. So whether you have one snuggling in your lap or four roaming the house freely – read on to find out what may make them happy!


Pitties are adorable and loving animals, but they also have specific needs that go beyond the average pet. For example, Pitties need someone patient and supportive to get along well with them. 

These five tips will help you be the perfect person for your pitty’s favourite person: 

1. Let your pup know you love them unconditionally. There’s no better way to show how much you care than simply being there for them when they need it most—whether that means patiently waiting while they potty train or soothing them after a tough day at home. Pitties instinctively trust people who love and respect them, so don’t make things hard on yourself by withholding recognition or affection. Be prepared to give lots of cuddles! 

2. React quickly. If something goes wrong—even if it wasn’t your fault—immediately placate your pup and restore balance (within reason). Acknowledge their feelings without getting aggressive; remember, pitties aren’t always as quick-witted as we are! 

3. Respect their space. Whenever possible, limit distractions during interactions so that both of you can focus on each other fully; this includes keeping all electronics out of sight unless necessary (since TVs often emit electromagnetic fields, which can upset some dogs). And finally… 

1. Is your pet happy and relaxed? 

Pets can be a great addition to any family, but if they are not relaxed, there is a good chance they are not enjoying their time with you. To help your pet reach its fullest potential, here are five tips:

1. Provide them with plenty of stimulation. This could mean giving them enough exercise to keep them healthy and active or throwing new toys into the mix every so often. Playing fetch may be one of the oldest games in the world, but it still provides hours of enjoyment for pets and their owners alike! 

2. Feed them the right food and drink based on their breed and size. For example, small dogs should eat smaller meals more frequently than large dogs because their stomachs have less room overall. Pitties need different amounts of water depending on how much work they’re doing (and whether or not they’ve been drinking from a water bowl). 

3. Make sure you understand your pet’s personality. Each animal has different likes and dislikes, so getting to know your pittie well is important before bringing them home. If you think that your pet might be unhappy due to too much stimulation or lack thereof, consult with an animal expert like A Dog’s Life Rescue Center in North Hollywood, California, who will be able to provide guidance specific to your pup’s needs 

4 Finally, take care when disciplining your pet; being stern does not always equate with success! Many experts believe.

2. Are they getting enough exercise? 

Pitties are a type of dog originally bred in England for rat hunting. As such, these dogs were typically very active and required a lot of exercises to be happy and healthy. Today, most pitties live indoors with their owners and don’t need as much exercise as they used to. That said, there are still some tips you can follow to help your pup get the physical activity it needs:

1) Monitor your pet’s energy level throughout the day by checking its weight or playing with it regularly

2) Make sure your home has enough space for them to run around; try setting up a large backyard if possible

3) Take them on walks every morning before dawn or at dusk when they’re least likely to be disturbed

4) Play fetch or other interactive games with them instead of just letting them sit passively by yourself 

5) Be consistent in providing attention and interaction; timing is important here, so you don’t overstimulate them

3. Could their diet be contributing to the problem? 

Many owners of pet pitties know all too well that these animals can be aggressive and difficult to manage. A poor diet can lead to aggression and other behavioural problems, making it especially important for pet owners to feed their pets the right food. Here are five tips for every Pittie owner:

1. Feed your small pet meals twice daily instead of one large meal. This will help them feel more satisfied and less likely to get angry or destructive when hungry.

2. Give them fresh water without leaving anything in it so they don’t become accustomed to having food shoved down their throats every time they drink. 

3. Make sure their food is high quality but low-cost so you won’t have trouble budgeting for it. 

4 Introduce new foods gradually over several weeks rather than all at once, as this will reduce the chances of your dog becoming fearful or disruptive around unfamiliar people or animals. 

5 If your dog starts displaying unacceptable behaviour towards other animals in their neighbourhood, consult with a professional who can diagnose the problem and recommend the appropriate treatment

4. Are you providing the best environment possible for them? 

Pitties are social animals, so it’s important to provide enough attention and stimulation. Providing a comfortable environment is also key to keeping your pup happy. Here are 5 tips to help make sure you do just that: 

1) Choose the right bed type for your pet—pit bulls prefer firm surfaces to soft ones. This will help with their anxiety and make sleeping more pleasant for both of you.

2) Provide plenty of toys—pits love playing, so give them something fun to do all day long! Toys can be sturdy or durable (such as Kongs) and come in different shapes/ sizes/ materials (balls, kongs). Be imaginative when choosing what your pup enjoys; they may not have tried everything yet! 

3) Feed them healthy food—a high-quality diet will ensure their body is functioning at its best and keeps them energetic throughout the day. And remember: no matter how much they beg or plead, never leave food out where your furry friend can get at it! Otherwise, they might develop some bad eating habits… Pitbulls aren’t naturally lazy by any means!).

4) Exercise regularly—just like humans need regular exercise, pitties need physical activity, too, to stay mentally alert and physically fit. A good way to incorporate this into your schedule is by taking him on a walk around the block every morning before work or during lunchtime after he finishes his breakfast.


We hope that you have found this blog helpful. In it, we discussed how to ensure that your pet is happy and relaxed and gets enough exercise and a healthy diet. We also touched on the importance of providing a loving environment for your pets, which can go a long way in helping them live longer and happier lives.

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