Whole Paws Dog Food: Is Whole Foods’ Kibble Any Good?

Whole Paws Dog Food: Is Whole Foods’ Kibble Any Good?

Whole Foods recently changed significantly by discontinuing its dry food formulas and offering its kibble exclusively for dogs. Some people are happy with the switch, and others are not, but experts still have mixed opinions. Learn more in this article!

What is Whole Paws Dog Food?

Whole Paws Dog Food is made with natural ingredients and comes in various flavours. The company was founded by two veterinarians who wanted to create better food for their dogs. Whole Paws products are made in the USA, and the company has a satisfaction guarantee.

Some people say Whole Paws is just as good as higher-end dog foods, while others say it’s not as high quality as some of the more well-known brands. Either way, Whole Paws is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable food option that your dog will love.

How to feed your dog a healthy diet

Whole Paws Dog Food is a premium dog food brand made from 100% real meat and fresh vegetables. The company was founded in 2004 by John and April Holcombe, who had a personal interest in creating the best possible food for their four dogs. Whole Paws food is available at select Whole Foods stores nationwide.

The Holcombes have created a system of animal husbandry based on responsible breeding, sustainable farming, and an emphasis on using whole, natural ingredients. All animals that produce Whole Paws food are raised without antibiotics or synthetic hormones.

The ingredients in Whole Paws food are selected for their nutritional value and nutrient density. The food contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs to be healthy, plus omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and probiotics.

Feeding your dog a diet consisting of only Whole Paws foods will provide them with all the nutrients they need to be healthy and happy. The food is high quality and provides optimal nutrition for your furry friend, making it a good choice for pet owners and veterinarians.

What are the benefits of a Whole Foods Kibble?

When it comes to dog food, many pet owners are understandably hesitant to switch to a brand they’ve never heard of before. But what if there was a store where you could find foods specifically for dogs? That’s the premise behind Whole Foods’ Kibble line, which is made with all-natural ingredients and packaged in small portions for easy feeding.

So what are the benefits of choosing Whole Foods’ Kibble over other brands? For one, Whole Foods’ Kibble is made from all-natural ingredients, so your dog gets nutrients that are beneficial to its health. In addition, Whole Foods’ Kibble is designed to be easy to feed, and small portions mean less waste. Finally, Whole Foods’ Kibble is affordable, so you can afford to feed your dog the best food without breaking the bank.

Does Whole Paws Dog Food work?

Whole Paws Dog Food is made with all-natural ingredients and is claimed to be high in quality. Is this the case?

We looked at the ingredients list for Whole Paws Dog Food and found that a lot of things could potentially be harmful to your dog. For example, there are grains, soy, and corn ingredients which can all be harmful if ingested in large quantities. Additionally, artificial flavours and colours could upset your dog’s stomach.

Ultimately, we decided that Whole Paws Dog Food is not a good option for your pup. Instead, we recommend checking out some better-known brands like Nutrish or Blue Buffalo. These brands have been specifically designed with dogs in mind and will provide them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy.


Whole Paw is a dog food brand advertised on Whole Foods’ shelves. This article will explore whether or not the food is any good and whether it’s worth spending money on. After reading this article, I recommend that you not buy Whole Paws dog food but rather go with something like Wellness, Orijen, or Blue Buffalo.

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