Our 10 Favorite Kong Dog Toys

Our 10 Favorite Kong Dog Toys (and 3 We DON’T Like)

You’ve never seen a Kong like this…this is our ten favorite Kongs for dogs out there, and we recommend you get your dog one of these!

And don’t forget to check out our three not-so-favorites, too; we know that some people want to avoid the risk of choking their dog with one of these toys.

Why Choose Kong for Your Dog?

Kong is a brand that is well-known for making great dog toys. They have a wide variety of soft and tough toys that are sure to keep your dog entertained.

Some of our favorite Kong toys include the Classic Kong Dog Toy, the Mega Kong Dog Toy, and the WubbaNub Dog Toy.

The Classic Kong toy is made from soft plush fabric with rubber balls. This toy is excellent for interactive playtime with your dog. The Mega Kong toy is made from durable rubber material and is designed to be played with by multiple dogs at once.

It features a built-in squeaker that keeps your dog entertained for hours. The WubbaNub toy is durable rubber and features a textured exterior perfect for chewing. It also has a built-in treat dispenser that will keep your dog fed while he plays with it.

Our 10 Favorite Kong Dog Toys

We love dogs, and we love playing with our dogs. But sometimes playing with our dogs can be a bit too much fun! Our dogs love to play, but they also need time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favorite Kong dog toys – some of which are not safe for your furry friend to play with!

Our top 10 favorite Kong dog toys are:

1) The Classic Kong Dog Toy: This classic dog toy is classic because it is so durable. You can fill it with treats or kibble; your dog will love playing with it.

2) The Squeaker Ball Dog Toy: This toy is made from rubber, which makes it very durable. Your dog can bounce it around for hours on end, which is an excellent exercise for them.

3) The Tennis Ball Dog Toy: This toy is like the ball you would use to play tennis with. It is bouncy and fun for your dog to play with.

The 3 We DON’T Like

We love Kong products but don’t like these three dog toys!

The Kong Classic Dog Toy is great for dogs who love to chew. However, some customers have complained that the toy can become shredded quickly.

The KONG Extreme Dog Toy is a toy that is designed for very active dogs. However, some customers have complained that the toy is too heavy and can be challenging to move around.

The KONG Classic Dog Toy is also a popular toy for dog training. However, some customers have complained that the toy can be challenging to remove from the dog’s mouth.


We love dogs and all that they bring to the table, but sometimes their play can be a bit too destructive. Whether ripping apart our furniture or chewing toys, we have gone through our fair share of horrible dog toy experiences.

We are excited to share our favorite Kong dog toys with you — they hold up well to challenging play and make great training tools! So if your pup is getting a little out of hand (or you want something new to keep them occupied), check out these top picks.

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