Dog Breeds from the Dawn of Time

21 Ancient Dog Breeds: Dog Breeds from the Dawn of Time

Dogs have been around for over 11,000 years – the period of Egyptian civilization! There are many different breeds of dogs today, but there was only one breed during this era. This article looks at the 21 ancient dog breeds that were popular back then.


As humans have evolved over the years, so has our relationship with dogs. Today, there are dozens of different dog breeds that can be found across the world. However, when humans first began to settle down and live in villages, they would have only had access to a few types of dogs. Over time, these few types of dogs began to mix and form new breeds.

1. The Old World Dog Breeds

One of the oldest dog breeds is the Bulldog. This breed was first found in Europe and Asia Minor around 2,000 BC. They were used as protectors and hunting dogs. The Bulldog is still prevalent in these areas today.

Another old dog breed is the Welsh Corgi. This breed was first found in Wales in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They were used as farm dogs and as companions for soldiers on battlefields. The Welsh Corgi is still popular today and can be found all over the world.

2. The New World Dog Breeds

The American Pit Bull Terrier was one of the first dogs to arrive in North America after Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. These dogs were used as fighting dogs and were eventually banned

World’sWorld’s Oldest Dog Breeds

The oldest dog breeds can be traced back to the dawn of time. These ancient breeds have been around for centuries and continue to be popular today.

Some of the world’sworld’s oldest dog breeds include the Welsh Corgi, Samoyed, and Old World Shepherds. All of these breeds originated in Europe and North America.

The Welsh Corgi is believed to be the world’sworld’s oldest breed of dog. It was first bred in Wales in the 12th century AD. The Samoyed is another old breed that originates from Siberia.

It was first produced in Siberia in the 16th century AD. The Old World Shepherds are also an ancient breed that originated in Europe. They were first made in Italy in the 15th century AD.

These ancient dog breeds are still popular today. Many people adopt them because they are loyal companions who love spending time with their owners.

Ancient Dog Breeds Around the World

There are a variety of ancient dog breeds around the world. Some of the oldest dog breeds are from China, where they have first domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Other ancient dog breeds hail from Europe, where they were developed during the Middle Ages.

One of the most famous ancient dog breeds is the Welsh Corgi. These dogs were initially bred in Wales and are known for their soft furry coats and curly tail. They are also very friendly and good-natured. Welsh Corgis are popular pets because of their sweet personalities and adorable looks.

Another famous ancient dog breed is the Samoyed. These dogs were initially bred in Siberia and are known for their thick fur coats and muscular build. They are also brilliant and easy to train. Samoyeds make great family pets because they are loyal and protective of their owners.

There are a variety of other ancient dog breeds that you can find all over the world. If you’reyou’re looking for a unique pet that’sthat’s old enough to have stories written about it, take a look at some of the ancient dog breeds out there!


As we continue to learn about ancient dog breeds, it is fascinating to see how their appearances have changed and evolved over the years. Some of these old dog breeds exist today, while others have been lost forever.

Whether you are interested in learning about a particular old dog breed or want to explore some of the historical changes that have taken place with regard to dogs, this article should be of interest.

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