9 Dogs That Are Good with Chickens

9 Dogs That Are Good with Chickens: Poultry Protectors!

Protecting your chickens is a big part of being a responsible chicken owner, but keeping an eye on them can be challenging.

This article will tell you about some helpful dogs that are good with chickens and can help keep your flock safe from predators.

You’ll also learn why using a dog to protect your hens might not always be the best idea and how to train your flock-chasing dog!

Why We Want Chickens

Many people love chickens because they are friendly and easy to care for. Chickens are an excellent food source, providing eggs that can be used in many recipes.

But what about the chicken that is not so popular? The chicken that is mean and aggressive towards other birds? The chicken that tends to peck people? These chickens are not typically desirable, but they do exist.

These chickens are undesirable because they tend to create problems in poultry flocks. When one bird in a community becomes aggressive, it can cause chaos and challenge other birds for food. It can also become dangerous for humans if the bird is hostile.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with these kinds of chickens. One method is to use poultry protectors. These devices are designed to keep chickens from attacking other chickens or people. They work by creating an area around the chicken that is safe for them. This prevents the aggressive chicken from accessing other animals in the flock or attacking people.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Chicken Safe

One of the most common problems that people have with their chickens is that they get attacked by their pets. This is because many dogs think that chickens are food.

There are a few things that you can do to help keep your chicken safe from attack. First, ensure that your chicken has a safe place to retreat if it gets scared. Second, make sure that your chicken has enough food and water.

Chickens need enough food to stay healthy and energetic and enough water to keep them hydrated. Third, ensure your chicken is well-trained not to attack other animals.

Fourth, keep your dog away from your chicken! Dogs are known for attacking other animals, and chickens are not usually one of them.

Keeping your chicken safe from attack is easy if you take the time to do it. The best way to do this is to train your chicken not to attack other animals, provide it with a safe place to retreat, and feed it enough food and water to remain healthy and active.

Types of Chickens

Several types of chickens can be good companions for dogs. These include:

• Plymouth Rock: These are the most common type of chicken and are considered gentle. They are easy to care for and low tendency to scratch or peck.

• Cornish Cross: These chickens are more aggressive than Plymouth Rocks and best suited for people with a lot of outdoor space. They are also good egg producers.

If you’re looking for a good chicken with your dog, you should try a Rhode Island Red or a Dominique Bronze. Both of these chickens are friendly and easy to care for.

How to Tell If Your Chicken is Sick

One of the most important things you can do to protect your chickens is to know how to tell if they are sick. There are a few signs that your chicken may be sick, and getting them checked out as soon as possible is essential.

One way to tell if your chicken is sick is by its appearance. It may suffer if your chicken is not eating or drinking or has trouble walking or standing. If you notice any other unusual behaviour, such as being lethargic or hiding in a corner, your chicken may be sick.

If you think your chicken is sick, it’s essential to take them to a veterinarian. They can test for different diseases and advise you on caring for your chicken while they are sick.

The Most Common Diseases in Chickens

One of the most common diseases in chickens is avian influenza, also known as bird flu. This virus is deadly to chickens and can cause serious illness and death.

Another common disease in chickens is Newcastle disease. Newcastle disease is a viral infection that causes lameness, death, and significant economic losses. It is most commonly spread through contact with contaminated water or food.

Several other diseases can affect chickens, including coccidiosis (a parasitic infection), fowl cholera (a bacterial infection), and bronchitis (a respiratory infection).

Keeping your chicken coop clean is essential to prevent these diseases from spreading. Cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning the coop floor.
  • The inside of the coop walls and roof.
  • Disinfecting the water source.

You can also use a poultry protector to help keep your chickens safe from these diseases.


Dogs that are good with chickens can provide hours of fun for children and adults. Chickens, oddly enough, can be pretty skittish around strangers, but a pet dog that is well-trained to handle poultry should not have any problems at all. Aside from providing entertainment and being excellent protectors against predators, dogs that are good with chickens make great pets.

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