Why Do Pit Bulls' Tails Hurt So Much?

Pits and Paws: Why Do Pit Bulls’ Tails Hurt So Much?

If you’ve ever been around a dog, you know they can be a handful and always want to get in your way. But, there’s one dog that many people are hesitant to approach – the Pit Bull. With their scary looks, strong personalities, and big mouths, it’s hard not to fear them.

What are the three types of injuries?

Three main types of injuries can occur to a pit bull’s tail: transaction, crush, and avulsion. The transaction is the most common type of injury, which occurs when the tail is cut off from the body at the base.

Crush injuries involve damage to the tailbone or vertebrae, and avulsion is when the tail is pulled out of the socket by force. All three injuries can be excruciating and require immediate treatment.

How to spot them?

One of the most common complaints about pit bulls is that their tails hurt. This is due to a condition called a whiplash injury, which is caused by the dog’s rapid movement backward and forwards.

Whiplash injury can happen when a dog jumps up at someone or when they are pulled hard against its handler. Pit bulls are particularly prone to this type of injury because of their natural aggressiveness and muscle mass.

If you notice your pet has a swollen tail, it may be worth considering getting it checked out by a vet. There are ways to reduce the risk of whiplash injury in dogs, such as training them not to jump up, keeping them on a leash when not needed, and using proper restraint techniques when handling them.

How to treat and prevent them?

There are a few reasons why pit bulls’ tails might hurt so much. One common cause of tail pain in these dogs is entrapment syndrome. The tail gets stuck between the dog’s back and another object, like a fence or wall. When this happens, the tail can feel painful and swell up.

Another common cause of tail pain in pit bulls is a congenital problem with their spinal cord. This condition (called caudal luxation) can lead to the tail getting stuck behind one of the dog’s vertebrae, which then causes intense pain and inflammation.

If you think your pit bull’s tail might be hurting, there are a few things you can do to try and relieve the pain:

1. Give your dog some acetaminophen or ibuprofen capsules if they start to feel painless symptoms such as excessive licking or scratching at their tail area. These medications will help reduce inflammation and make the discomfort less noticeable.

2. If your dog suffers from entrapment syndrome, try putting them in a “stretcher” collar made for animals with this condition (these collars are usually adjustable). This will prevent their head from hitting the ground too hard when they’re taken for walks, which may cause their tail to get trapped again.


Like most people, you’ve probably heard horror stories about pit bulls and their propensity for attacking humans. But what’s going on with the tails of these dogs?

In this article, we’ll explore the likely cause of tail pain in pit bulls and provide some tips on alleviating it. We hope that our information will help you get your dog relief from this common problem.

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