Merle Dog with the American Kennel Club

A Guide to Registering a Merle Dog with the American Kennel Club

If you’re thinking about adding a merle dog to your family, you’ll want to be sure that the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepts them. This guide will outline the requirements for registering a merle dog with the AKC and help you understand the benefits of doing so.

The Benefits of Registering a Merle Dog with the American Kennel Club 

The AKC offers several benefits to merle dog owners, including:

1. Registration with the AKC can help you identify your dog and keep track of its lineage. This is important for preserving genetic diversity in your breed, which is critical for maintaining the quality of life and preventing illnesses. 

2. The registry recognizes that merles are a unique type of animal and provides specific guidelines for caring for them. For example, merles should never be used as show dogs or bred more than once per registered breeding pair since this could result in serious health problems down the line. 

3. Merle dogs are eligible for many notable awards and privileges afforded only to purebreds – such as being able to compete in lure coursing contests or entering into performances at various events like Crufts. 

4. Having your dog registered with the AKC can make it easier to find a home if you’re looking to re-home an already adopted pet; interested parties will know immediately that your pup falls under proper kennel club breeder standards.

The Requirements for Registering a Merle Dog with the AKC 

A dog must meet specific requirements to be eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC). The most important of these is that the dog must have at least one merle gene, which makes up about 2% of all dogs. Merle Dogs are ranked highly among all dog breeds in popularity, and their own registry should reflect this by recognizing them as a separate breed.

In addition to having at least one merle gene, other requirements for registering a merle Dog with the AKC include registering with your local animal control organization and passing an examination designed to test knowledge about purebred dogs.

Unlike many popular breeds, there is no standard appearance for merles; each dog can display characteristics that set it apart from other Merle Dogs. This means that regardless of where you live or what type of community you’re living in, there’s likely already a Merle Dog nearby who would love to join your family!


Merle dogs are a particular type of dog that is growing in popularity, and you must register your merle dog with the American Kennel Club if you want to be sure that your pet is recognized as such.

By doing so, you’ll get access to valuable benefits (such as updates on upcoming merle dog events) and ensure that your pup is eligible for breeding programs. Thanks for reading!

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