Will A Pit Bull Protect Its Owner?

Will A Pit Bull Protect Its Owner? Owners Tell Real Stories

There are many ways to protect your home and family from potential threats, but do they work? Will A Pit Bull Protect Its Owner? Owners Tell Real Stories is an article that discusses the pros and cons of different types of home security.

The encounter with the Pit Bull

The Pit Bull is a well-known breed of dog known for being loyal and protective of its owner. However, this loyalty can also be misinterpreted as aggression. Many Pit Bulls are amiable and loving dogs who happen to have some protective instincts.

Here are five real stories about Pit Bulls protecting their owners:

1. Gloria was cleaning out her basement when she came across a group of four Pit Bulls chained to the wall. She didn’t know what to do, but the dogs were clearly in danger. Gloria managed to free the dogs and took them home with her. The next day, one of the Pit bulls bit someone else who was trying to break into Gloria’s home!

2. Kelly was working at her computer when two men approached her and started arguing with her. Kelly grabbed her purse and ran out the door, leaving her laptop behind. Her pit bull, Bandit, chased after the men and attacked them both!

3. Jamie was out running errands one day when a man approached her on a bike asking for money. When Jamie refused, the man pulled out a knife and started attacking her. Her pit bull, Diesel, came running towards him and scared him off!

4. Jerry was walking his dog one day when he came across two men fighting on the side of the road. Without thinking any further, Jerry rushed over to help fight off the attackers himself!

The encounter with the police

The encounter with the police can be a scary experience for any dog owner, but it’s incredibly daunting for those who own pit bulls. Pit bulls are often considered aggressive animals, and many people believe they will attack police officers if given the opportunity. However, this is not always the case.

Studies have shown that pit bulls are less likely than other breeds of dogs to attack law enforcement personnel. This is likely due to their history as working dogs. Pit bulls were originally bred in England as brutal combatants used on farms and in bullfighting arenas. Because of this background, they are trained to recognize and avoid threats from a young age.

This training can sometimes be beneficial regarding interactions with police officers. When a pit bull knows that law enforcement is a legitimate authority figure, it may be less likely to aggress them in response to an interaction. In addition, many law enforcement agencies now use pit bulls specifically for police work, giving them even more credibility when interacting with these animals.

How to protect yourself from a Pit Bull

If you are thinking of getting a pit bull, you can do a few things to protect yourself from them. It would help if you always kept your dog on a leash when outside and were aware of your surroundings at all times.

If someone comes up to you with a pit bull, you should stay calm and avoid confrontations. Remember, pit bull is not naturally aggressive towards people, but they can become defensive if provoked. If attacked, fight back vigorously and scream for help. Never restrain or hold a pit bull against its will; it may attack to protect itself.


An estimated 1.5 million pit bulls live as family pets in the United States. These dogs are loyal and protective of their owners, even in extreme cases, like when a homeowner was forced to shoot and kill her pet pit bull after it attacked her seven-year-old daughter.

Whether you live in a town or city with restrictions on owning pit bulls or don’t feel comfortable with them around your children, these stories will give you a greater understanding of this often misunderstood breed and why they may be so protective of it their families.

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